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Please read. Tim is someone I totally respect and look up to. This is a great message and appies not everyone in SM!

Walking the Social Media Beat

I was looking at the Facebook the other day and saw a story that caught my eye.  It was about an abduction of a child from my hometown, so naturally I was interested in what was happening and if I knew anyone involved.

The report was accompanied by the picture of the missing child with a plea for help to locate her.  The post had been shared a few times and the expected concern was shown in the comments.

I was tempted to share the post myself but stopped short.  I reminded myself that information like this absolutely NEEDS to be fact checked before you share it.  So, I did just that. I called the local police and they hadn’t heard anything about it.

Today, sure enough, I saw a post online about the story.  The headline said it all…

“St. Thomas Police: Social Media Reports Of A Child…

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  1. Tim Burrows says:

    Thanks fro sharing the post and the very kind words Mike.


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