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Run Walk Ride with me at the @HSFRide this year & let’s #CreateSurvivors together!

Did you know:

Heart disease and stroke kill one Canadian every 7 minutes, making it a leading cause of death and disability in Canada.  

Today, more than 90 per cent of Canadians who have a heart attack and more than 80 per cent who have a stroke and make it to hospital will survive. Last year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation helped create 165,000 survivors.

As a Paramedic I, far to often, see the devastating effects of these two conditions on my patients and their families.  So when I was asked to be an ambassador for the all new run component of the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart I agreed without hesitation.


This year they have a goal to raise $6.8million.  Funds rasied will support world class research as well as health education and advocacy to help the Foundation meet its mission to prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery from heart disease and stroke.  I plan on doing everything I can to help them meet that goal!  But I need your help by either joining me or donating!



ps. if you are registering for the run use the discount code AMB05 for $10 off; you’re welcome 🙂

If you’d like to participate with me, then free up your calendar on June 5th for this unique opportunity to ride, run or walk on a traffic-free Gardiner and DVP, help create more survivors from heart disease and stroke.  Join 15,000 cyclists and ride 25, 50 or 75km traffic-free on the Gardiner and Don Valley Parkway. Or participate in our new 5km/10km Run or 5km Walk. It’s a whole new way to experience the magic of this landmark Toronto event.


Your selfie game will be strong with a backdrop like this!

By supporting the Ride you will be helping to create more survivors.  Over the past 60 years, with the Foundation’s help, the death rate from heart disease and stroke has declined by more than 75 per cent, with nearly 40 per cent of this decrease occurring in the past decade.

By deciding to participate and train for this event you will also be taking charge of your own health and help to prevent a cardiac event or stroke from occurring to yourself!  Lack of physical activity is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, and cycling/running/walking is a great example of a physical activity that is fun and easy to do.   It is recommended that Canadians get 150 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-physical activity each week so get signed up and start training!  Here are some other videos to help motivate you!


The Wine & Dine Half-Half; Sergio’s first #runDisney experience


The plan was to go back and conquer the #WineDineHalf, the goal race that planned all our very first running around.  A race that we were literally soaked to the bone from head to toe, colder than the flash freeze of Arendelle at the hands of Elsa.  But wait a minute it wasn’t that bad!  You had a lot of fun and really enjoyed that race!  You said so right here!

Okay, okay so we did have a lot of fun 🙂 But we were not happy with our time and how we felt physically after that race.  So after our bump in confidence from #PrincessHalf and wanting to give our good friend Sergio ( who came up with the crazy idea to run Dopey before we turn 40) a runDisney experience before Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, we decided to sign up for Wine and Dine Half.

11713661_1212983738727586_8111785794653764204_o (1)

The weekend was planned to be done on the super cheap so we drove down (spending on $80 US on gas one way!!), stayed off property at a cheaper hotel, and didn’t get Park tickets.  We arrived Thursday after  lunch and were VERY hungry!  So where’s the best place to go?  Well Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs of course!  I highly recommend eating at one of their many locations if you ever get the chance!  You wont be disappointed!

Cause ya gotta Instagram your food & beer when you eat at @earlofsandwichusa

A photo posted by Mike Van Mil (@paramedic_mike) on


Friday Sergio treated us to tickets to Universal Studios!!!


Karen and I had never been before and Sergio wanted to be our guide for our first trip much like he did for our first Walt Disney World trip! 🙂  We really enjoyed these two parks and all the crazy ride but we were really glad we tried it without the kids first!  While Universal does have quite a few rides for younger kids it felt to us like this place is more geared to the pre-teen and older category.  Perfect for us 3 since it meant we could go on any and all the crazy rides that were open.  We started the day at the main park and rode: The Simpsons Ride & Men in Black Alien Attack. Then we went off to see Diagon Alley! Wow did they ever put a lot of thought into the detail of this!  We were in aw from the moment we stepped into it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday!!  Race/Expo day!!  I always like going to the runDisney expos, mainly because we get to see Jeff Galloway and also because we get to checkout the latest runDisney & new balance merchandise.  We learned the hard way, however, to never go to an expo on the second day!  There was hardly any runDisney gear left at all!!  From now on we will always go first thing in the morning on the first day!  We did get to see Jeff Galloway though which we always loves!  I was so busy listening to him give us advice though that I forgot to snap a pic with him 😦 oh well I will definitely do that during the Dopey expo.  Changes with the speaker line up meant though that we missed Jeff’s formal talk!  We were very sad about this!  (Jeff didn’t even know until the morning, I think there were a lot of unhappy people that didn’t get a chance to see him since his talk was pushed earlier than what was printed).  We still got great Dopey advice though when we spoke to him personally at his booth.


Always love checking out the New Balance booth!


I’ts almost go time!!

With bib in hand it was time for some lunch and a nap!  wp-1449033281535.jpeg

Man sure is nice to run a race in shorts and a t-shirt!  After we all ogt dressed we drove over to Epcot to park the and catch the shuttle to EPSN.  We got of the bus and headed over to bag check and got that all taken care of.  We had some extra time so we checked out the entertainment and the host for a while then went to the beginning of the line at the entrance tot he corals. We had this wicked plan, since we were in the last coral, to get to the very front so when they released everyone to the corals we could be at the front.  We stood at the front for a good 30 mins before the wind picked up.  and I mean PICKED UP!!!  The palm trees were bending over like crazy, a-frame signs were tipping over and cups and debris were blowing all over the roads.  Then we get word from the race official that the need to evacuate us to shelter???!!!  What the heck is going on???  All the runners were then escorted from the parking lot area back to ESPN zone to the baseball stadium.


Waiting here for what seemed an eternity allowed us to scan social media and find out there was a big storm that was coming close to the route.  We later found out that there was a lot of lightening and the storm passed right over Animal Kingdom.  We were very worried that the race was going to be cancelled all together!  We didn’t get too many updates either and the ones we did get over the loud speakers we couldn’t even make out!  I like always tried to remain positive unlike someone I know …..

Finally the time came for us to go back to the holding areas so we goes filter into our corals. During the time while we were waiting in our coral we heard the dreaded announcement 😦 The race officials thought it safest to cut out the Animal Kingdom loop.  They were essentially cutting out 6 miles from the half marathon which essential made this now a 7.1 mile race!  Bummer ….  Not the worst news but not the greatest!  It was comforting to know that runDisney had our safety as their number one concern!

Our coral made it to the start line so that meant it was time for one last selfie! wp-1449033279366.jpeg

One of my favorite things about Disney races is the fireworks they blow off for every coral of each race and I finally caught ours on video.

And we're off!! #WineDineHalf

A video posted by Mike Van Mil (@paramedic_mike) on

We began to weave our way forward snaking our way through other runners and came to one of the character stops Lilo and Stitch!  Lets stop here and get a pic guys!

Later on  we found Woody and Buzz and stole a selfie with them out side the line since we didn’t want to wait!

One of my favorite things about running Wine and Dine is running through The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the lights there isn’t that much farther to go as you run along the boardwalk and into Epcot to get your medal!  We were really disappointed to not see any Star Wars characters this year though! 😦


Medals in hand were were off to finally get the chance to see what the Epcot Food and Wine Festival was all about!  We sampled some amazing food and drinks and even got to go on some rides at 330 in the morning!  Not too many people can say they rode Soarin and Test Track at that time of day! 😉


Just about to ride Soarin

Overall we still had a great time.  It was a severely shortened course and left us feeling a little unaccomplished at the end and I wish Disney would have moved some of the characters from the eliminated Animal Kingdom loop to soften the blow o the shortened course.  I really loved getting to experience the Food and Wine Festival this time since we couldn’t last time.  I also really loved getting onto some of the Epcot rides in the middle of the night!   Now that we’ve done this race twice I am not sure when we will be back.  I still highly recommend this race to people when I talk about it.  Its the only runDinsey race, so far, that happens at night, allows you to ride the rides at that time, gives you access to amazing food, its the only one that gives you a drink voucher for beer or wine  and is the only place licensed to serve alcohol so you can sample so other cool world drinks!  I can’t wait for Dopey in January and Star Wars in 2017!!!


Cause you gotta wear your medal around on the next day!

#KeepSmilin 🙂

We are now marathoners! @RunCRS #STWM recap, a marathon of a post!


Photo Credit: Canada Running Series

Wow these last 6 months passed by quickly!  When I found out on May 11th that I was being selected as a Digital Champion for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon I thought “6 months? tons of time!”  What I didn’t take into account was the fact that my kids would be out of school for about 3 of those months and as such I would be doing a lot family things like going to the EX, Canada’s Wonderland, the Science Center etc.  That meant I was not left with a lot of time to get my runs in during July & August; especially the long ones.  So in the end we did not train as much as we wanted to or should have but October 18 was coming regardless.  I kept telling myself and Karen that “This was our first marathon and, really, our goal was to get the distance in to see how we could handle it.

I would first like to talk about the Digital Champion program.  I cannot say enough how amazing this program is.  It really is a mutually beneficial program between the Canada Running Series and the members.  Without this program, that I have now been a part of for 2 of their races, I would not have met and learned from so many amazing runners.  I have gained so much from the Toronto running community that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I feel so much more connected now as a runner in my 2 short years of running.  In return I worked very hard to promote the race on all my channels, share my training ups & downs, and connect with runners participating in the 3 races of #STWM.  The hard work of Jenna Pettinato really is the backbone of this program and all its success.  She worked her ass off organizing special runs and meet-ups for us, provided us all the info and tools we needed to promote the race and kept us all connected in ways we never could’ve imagined!  She is extremely talented in what she does as well in her own running and I want to send a huge thank you to her here!

The weekend started early Saturday morning with the Running Room International Friendship Run that was lead by Running Room founder John Stanton & Canadian elite runner Krista Duchene.  We had left the house a lot later than I had planned to but it actually worked out fine!  I got the car parked for the weekend left the luggage and we jogged out to meet the shuttle that would take us to the Enercare center.  The free shuttle system was such a great thing to have over the course of the weekend and I saw many runners taking advantage of it.  I even had to use it twice!!.  Anyways,  we got to the Enercare center with more than enough time to spare so we got a chance to speak to the race director Alan Brooks.  If you ever get a chance to speak with this man seize it!  He has such a wealth of knowledge that I always find myself learning something new from him every time we meet!  This time his great advice was for us to make sure we had gloves to wear for the race because it was going to be a cold morning and you want blood going to you legs and not to your hands!  And man did that come in handy during the marathon!.  We then met up with my brother-in-law Dan who I roped into running with us 🙂


The 3k Friendship run was kicked off by some brief words from Alan, John and Krista.


We then went outside and posed for a very large group photo!

From here we all quickly got up and started running!  John and Krista lead the pack and they were gone in a flash!  This was fine since I really wanted to run/catch up with Dan!  Very early into the run I hear “it’s a good thing we have a paramedic on this run!”  I turn around and there is Joy Kramarich and Walter Faion!!  I had previously met Walter at my local Running Room when he was promoting the Toronto Yonge Street 10k and Joy I had been interacting with on FB and IG for sometime but hadn’t met till now!  Shoulda got a selfie! #Fail  It was a nice easy 3k running around the CNE grounds with a couple of stops for traffic lights and up & down some steps to get over and across Lakeshore BLVD.  The weather was ideal being sunny and about 3 degrees.


This is probably my favorite picture from the whole weekend!

You guys will have to consider this as part of your next #STWM weekend plans.  It was such a great way to connect and shake out your legs before your big day!  It’s also a great way to start your expo day!  Like we did! 😉

The expo overall was good!  They had packet pickup right at he beginning which was good to get that over with right away.  We were initially a little confused after pick up and at the entrance to the rest of the expo since it appeared that only runners were allowed to proceed.  It turned out, though, that they were just scanning bib chips to have them for the race so non-runners could just proceed through.  We proceeded through the maze of booths and tried to make our way to the back where the shift and kit pick up was.  I found the aisles to be quite narrow and widening would definitely help with the flow and the ease of people to browse the booths that aren’t very big.  There was a very large selection of organizations represented there but there were a few that I personally would’ve liked to have seen as well.  Oh well not the race’s fault :).  We did get to the see the Vega Toronto booth and spoke with their Experiential Marketing Specialist Kelsey Reidl.  I highly recommenced tapping into her wealth of knowledge if you get the chance to meet her!   We also stopped by the New Balance Toronto booth, or should I say, mobile store since it was so big!!  Mike is their Instagram guy and he is always great to get info on their latest products!  We made it to the back of the hall picked up our kit bag with out shirts and moved on.  When you circle back again you make you way to the stage.  Kinda wish I was able to go to the expo on the Friday since that was when all the people I wanted to see were doing their presentations.  Shoulda looked at the schedule better before, although I couldn’t have made it on Friday anyways.  One thing for them to consider is asking all the speakers to talk on both days since I would think that most people would be going to the expo on the Saturday vs the Friday.  The main reason I wanted to head up to the stage, though, was because it was where they were keeping the food and coffee for the 3k Friendship runners!.  While there I got another opportunity to speak with Joy and Walt!  These are two more people that if you get the chance to speak with them take it and absorb as much as you can!!  These two have extensive running resumes and experience.   I could listen to them for hours and Walt gave me a lot of great advice for race day!  We walked around some more, I bought the gloves that Alan said I should then we bumped into Dawn from Shrinking Inkdgirl another one of the Digital champions.  She is so awesome!  She is currently injured 😦 and drove probably more than an hour just to try to connect with other DC’s and wish them well at the expo.  From there it was time to hop on the shuttle and check into our super amazing hotel the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. Now before I get into that I need to mention my annoyance for the day.  When we got up into our hotel room and opened our Kit bags we discovered that Karen didn’t receive a shirt and mine was too big! 😥   This meant that I had to walk back out to the shuttle area take it all the way back (in traffic) to get Karen’s shirt!  I made it back to the kit area and got Karen’s shirt but found out they would not switch my shirt at the expo I had to do it tomorrow at the Finish line area.  So not only did I lose more than an hour of time with my wife in our hotel for our anniversary travelling back and forth to the expo now I find out that after I run a full marathon I have to go back to my hotel get my shirt and bring it back to the finish line to get my size!  UGH…

So back to the hotel…  About 3 weeks prior to us arriving I had contacted our hotel to let them know that Karen and I were celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary along with our first marathon.  I had got a reply back from them saying that they would be giving us access to their  club lounge on the 43rd floor.  COOL!  What they didn’t say was that it meant our room was being up graded as well!!  It was gigantic!!


2 full sized windows (overlooking the finish line) bathroom on the left and very large flat screen right behind me!

Our room was on the 19th floor over looking the finish line and Nathan Philips square.  We loved staying in this hotel cause it meant we could walk right off the finish line and right into our room!


Looking to our right we could see the finish line Nathan Philips Square and the famous Toronto sign


looking to our left we can just see the start line on University Ave.

We had only been in our room for a couple of hours when was a knock at the door!  I was a delivery from the front desk manager!


They had sent us up a bottle of wine along with some cheese and crackers!  How amazing is that!!!

The next big task before our impending doom in the morning was to lay our our clothes and and decide what to wear since it was going to be a very cold morning then warm up.  We scanned through posts on Instagram to see what others had chosen and to get some advice.  We started going through our suitcases picking our running gear.

“um Mike where is my long sleeve Lulu shirt?”

“Which Lulu shirt I packed everything you asked me to!”

“Well its not here!”

“What do you mean it’s not there???”

“Well its not!!”

Well that went on for a few moments until Karen’s suitcase was completely emptied and various items of clothing thrown in different directions.  Meanwhile I’m thinking how the heck did I not pack this thing???  How am I going to fix this!!  Hey we’re right down the street from the Eaton’s Center.  After a quick google of Lululemon Eaton Center hours and phone call we were walking down the street to the mall!  I was not going to let her run without a proper shirt and freeze because I’m a knob and forgot something!  “Man I hope our marathon does not have this many hiccups!”   Well we got her a new shirt and I laid out my gear for obligatory #FlatRunner photo:


I thought I had selected all the right items for the run.  Turns out I did pretty well.  The only thing I will eliminate for the future will be the belt and water bottle.  Those just turned out to be a big waste of weight and annoying. There was more than enough water/gatoraide stations along the way that we didn’t even drink any of the water I thought I would need!  I did pack a whole bunch of “gu” in the belt but I could’ve easily put those into the 4 pockets I had in my outfit.  The jacket and gloves proved useful esp at the beginning and as time went on I found myself adding and taking away layers as the clouds rolled in and out or we went through a shaded area.

Having  club lounge access meant we would have access to the runners breakfast before the race!!  Man oh man was this ever a great perk!!  The Sheraton really went out of their way to make sure they had some food for everyone!  They even had grab bags with extra food to take to you room for after your race!!

The main table of food selection. There was so much to choose from I couldn't fit it all in!

The main table of food selection. There was so much to choose from I couldn’t fit it all in!

More food and the grab bags!

More food and the grab bags!

My breakfast choice

My breakfast choice

After breakfast I was off to meet my running friends for a few pics before the race!


After all the picture shenanigans with my friends from the Justice League Runners it was time for Karen and I to take our place with the 26 000 other runners participating that day!


The corals were moved very quickly to the start line.  Something I was very happy about  since I have been to other races where it can take a very long time to get to the front if you’re in one of the corals near the back.  We had a plan of running this race on intervals of 3:15run/1walk and keeping our pace of aprox 10:30-11 min/mile.  This can be very difficult at the beginning.  One thing I noticed with the marathon distance is that you really have to be disciplined in keep your target pace at the beginning so as to make sure you have enough left in your legs to carry you through the last 3rd of the race.  I basically became a slave to my Garmin and that seemed to work.  It has a great run/walk timer and I just kept checking our pace to keep us on track.  We moved along pretty well passed some of Toronto’s iconic buildings.  I didn’t take too many selfies since I wanted to make sure my battery lasted the full 5 hours but I did snap a few 🙂


One of Toronto’s most famous discount stores; so sad it’s sold and closing its doors

From here we ran down Bathurst Street and over one of the bridges that was part of the Toronto Yonge Street 10k.  This brought back quite a few amazing memories for me from the time when I ran that race with the Justice League Runners; thank you Canada Running Series!  From there we made our way west along Lakeshore Blvd.  Somewhere before the turn around I was stopped by Joey-Lynn Day who happened to recognize me and wanted to say hi 🙂 (thanks!  Hope you had a great race!)  Unfortunately after that we had to make one porta potty stop which kinda sucked since the line was really long and stiffened us up a little.  We carried on around the turnaround and started to make our way back along Lakeshore BLVD.   It was somewhere along this section that we caught our first glimpse of the Justice League Runners!  What an up lifting sight!  I recognized  JP aka Batman right away and ran across the boulevard to give him a high five.  I’m sure I got a few looks as I ran off course yelling JP!!!  ( have you seen the movie Elf?  Picture the scene where Elf says (SANTA, SANTA!!!!!!  I know him!!)   Things were still going very well  we were still able to talk while we ran; we were kinda in the zone almost bored.  Then we heard this very loud cheering section!  I look to my left and I see Allison Miceli holding this huge sign and yelling at us!  I will forever remember her pointing at Karen and say multiple times “You are AWESOME!’.  No Allison YOU are awesome!!!  Thank you for lifting our spirits!

From here is was the home stretch for the half marathoners and only half way for us. Remarkably I was still feeling really well at this point.  Time for another selfie:


Half marathoners go left full marathoners go right!

It was sometime after the half marathon mark maybe after km30 or so that we both started to loose steam and pain began to step in. For me it was in both my Achilles; my legs felt fine but my man my Achilles started to burn and did so for the rest of the race.  For the next two days as well for that matter!  It was at this point as well where Karen said she needed to put her headphones on and start her tunes.  This meant that I should stop talking to her and let her concentrate.  I then also started my music and kept telling myself “it’s all downhill from here” and started to mentally break the rest of the race down into more manageable chunks.  There is only 12k to go; that’s only two 6k segments.  Then at 32k it was “ok now 10k/ 2 5k segments you can do this”.  It’s amazing the mind games you play with yourself in this situation.  A time where during any other circumstance you would just say “wow this hurts like crazy, I should stop this what am I doing!”  But during a marathon something in you changes your mindset from “I can’t do this” to “how can I make this happen”.  For me it was breaking down the distance into manageable chunks, looking at signs, waving at people, forcing myself to smile for the photographers so I had good pics, anything to distract myself.   It’s amazing how life will throw you its own distractions as well.  I was pretty zoned in just before going up Bayview Ave when all of a sudden I see Melly Ciffo and Christa Davidson running together.  What a great change of mindset to see them, ask them how their race was going and finally meet Christa IRL if only briefly.  From then on it was the 2nd biggest segment; this time going east along Queen Street. This was an absolutely beautiful street to run down!  I have never been down that section of Queen St. before and all the locals were out cheering the runners on.  There was even a young girl standing on the sidewalk with a bowl of bananas thirds to give out.  That certainly fel much better than the Gu that I had been consuming aprox every 10k!  We hit the last turn around point of the course and began to double back through the Queen East village again.  Very happy with all the store fronts, signs and people to provide a visual distraction from the pain in my tendons.   Somewhere around the 23rdmi I saw some runners coming in the opposite direction.  A sight that I will forever remember and associate with this run.  It was Jean-Paul Bedard running with the Justice league runners!  Jean-Paul was on the final 30k of his 3 #STWM marathon journey that day to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and child rape. To me, he is a symbol of courage and strength and seeing him really made me feel silly about the pain I was feeling in my tendons and carry on!

After some hugs and some words we were back at it again and in the home stretch!  The last 6k or so were kind of a blur I think because of the pain and me really concentrating on my footing ( street car tracks and potholes can be treacherous with tired marathon legs).  The last 2k were the great!  We ran through the Parkdale road runners cheer section then made our way up Bay street.  Going up Bay street was a sea of cheers and spectators.  We again  saw Allison and the Tribe Fitness cheer station as well as Cathy V and Heather Gardner from Tribe; Thank you all again for the cheers during the last 200m.  From then on I grabbed Karen’s hand and we crossed the finish line!

wpid-wp-1446616738000.pngTake away’s:

  • Training for a marathon in the fall is not easy when you have kids (summer long runs are hard to fit in)
  • Discipline during the race is key to finishing strong
  • We can run at a faster pace and a longer run interval if we can train more frequently
  • I don’t need to run with water & I can carry less GU
  • Staying at the Sheraton was a great decision
  • If Karen and I can complete a marathon together then anything is possible
  • A marathon will change how you think about what you can and cannot accomplish
  • Running with your spouse is an incredible bonding experience
  • Jean-Paul Bedard is a true hero!!
  • The Justice League Runners are changing the lives of sick kids
  • I now have the most amazing and supportive running family
  • Being a Digital Champion has opened a lot of doors for me and I will be forever thankful for it
  • The Canada Running Series puts on world class events
  • Advil is your friend after a marathon
  • Check and recheck the list of items your wife gives you to pack for her


Big thank you to everyone that supported, us believed in us and cheered us on!

#KeepSmilin 🙂

Twice is Nice! @RBCRunForTheKids 2015 review

It’s time for another race review!  Saturday September 19th I ran the RBC run for the kids for the second time.  It was also my second time being an Ambassador for the race!  I must say: twice is nice!, times 2! 😉


Being an ambassador for two years in a row allows me the unique opportunity to reflect on last years program and compare it to this year.  I cannot express enough how much the program has improved in one short year.  Myself and 5 others returned as ambassadors along with 19 others to form a very diverse group of runners.  I was very excited at who was selected because many of runners selected I had already befriended or met so I was really looking forward to working with them more closely.  The program was expanded this year from 13 Ambassadors last year to the 25 this year.  Our jobs were to use our social media profiles to create buzz around the event, interact and support other runners and complete one blog post for the race website.  This year we worked very hard to create that buzz and interact with people to encourage them to sign up and meet their fundraising goals.  The race again sold out well before race day!  We were very supported this year by our leader Greg and communication between group members and him was fostered by emails as well as a newly created Facebook group.  The Facebook group proved to be a very invaluable tool for us all to stay informed, learn about each other and coordinate social media promotional events.  New this year was an Ambassadors run which was organized to help us get acquainted with one another.  I, unfortunately, was not able to attend this event but from what I heard from others and saw on social media was very successful and fun!  Next year!…  Also new this year and something I was very excited and extremely thankful for was that New Balance Toronto provided each of the Ambassadors with a $250 gift card to spend at their stores for gear to use while training and during the event.  I couldn’t have been any happier with the gear I selected, how it performed as well as New Balance Toronto’s commitment to us and the race!  You can read more about the gear that I selected and what I thought of it here.

Race day came and we were all told to meet at 730 for a picture and a brief meet up before the 15k runners were to go to the corals.

We ended up being a quite pressed for time so there wasn’t a lot of time for mingling or meeting these people I had been working with for the last few months which was kinda disappointing but there was some time for a couple of other pics.  Like this one with my favorite people left-right: Lisa RootCathy van DergeestMe, Matt Small, Melly Ciffo & Sandi Swan

The 5 of us were all running the 15k together so we made our way to the coral.  No race for me would be complete without some mid race runfie’s of course!

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Who says #Running can't be fun!

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The course was the same as last year and, again, I had no real problems with it.  It was a good mix of hills and flats as well as street vs park environments.  There was just the right amount of water/gatorade stations and I also saw lots of porta-potties along the route.  Many of the streets in the area were shut down and drivers, for the most part, were very understanding.  Well except for one tiny street we crossed I believe it was Grantbrook street where we heard a lot of angry honking, sorry! At this point I would like to send a huge thank you to all the Toronto Police Officers who were out controlling traffic for us!  It made a huge difference to know you were keeping us safe along the route!  Also this event could not have run as smoothly as it did without the many volunteers and event staff.  They all did such an amazing job, THANK YOU!

As the finish line approached Melly and I decided that we would try to finish sub 1hr 30 mins.  We were able to meet that goal, just barely,  and get our bling!

Now that we had our bling (which was the same as last year but the ribbons were different for each distance {a welcome change}), it was time to enjoy the post race party and food!  I always love the post race party after this race.  Two years in a row now I have nothing bad to say.  The music and entertainment is great the food variety, supply and quality is unmatched.  There were baskets everywhere with bananas and chocolate milk, there was grilled cheese, amazing cookies, egg wraps, coffee and I don’t even think that was all that was available!   Please keep this up for future years!

I had such an amazing time “going further for youth mental health”   I would recommend this event to all my running and non-running friends.  With the change to 5, 7, and 15k distances it really caters to all abilities.  I was surprised to see how many young children there who had completed the run!  As I’ve said multiple times before this race makes a huge impact in the lives of our most vulnerable youth and I am so happy it sells out every year!  So please make sure you include this run in your calendar each year and register early!  Thanks to you the $1000 we raised contributed to over $2 million in total for the Family Navigation Project! Way to go everyone!!  I look forward to participating in this event next year and I hope I will be selected a 3rd time as an Ambassador since it gives me great pleasure to raise money and spread awareness of youth mental illness in our community.

Twice is nice but I’d love a three-peat 😉

#KeepSmilin 🙂

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New gear! @NewBalanceCan sponsors the @RBCRunForTheKids Ambassadors


This is my second year now as an ambassador for the RBC Run For The Kids and New Balance Canada has stepped up their sponsorship game with a $250 gift card to spend on gear!  This comes with the preface that we use this gear while training and post on our SM wearing the gear.  There was no obligation for me to do a blog review and I do so at my own choice and offer my honest review here for your benefit.

Thanks New Balance Canada

Thanks New Balance Canada


Bayview Village New Balance

I chose to visit the Bayview Village location.  The staff there were more than helpful as I explained what sort of items I was looking for.  First and foremost I wanted a new pair of kicks!  I showed the associate what I am currently running in so she would have an idea of what type of shoe I needed {she didn’t even mind that it was a competing brand ;)}.  With the general idea in mind of what I wanted she still did a proper gait and walking analysis to ensure she would be bringing me the proper models.


My “Foot Print”


Just a small selection of the men’s shoes available

I was then presented with these shoes:

 New Balance 880v5:


Vazee Pace:


Fresh Foam Zante:


While they all really felt amazing and gave me great support I found the Zante’s fit my foot the best.  I prefer a shoe that doesn’t feel like it has a high sole and the Zante gave me exactly what I was looking for under my feet.  I find with some shoes that the top sometimes is too snug across the top of my foot and the upper of this shoe wrapped around my foot like a grove.  Since it fit so well I did not need it to be laced too tightly until I got to the last eyelets where I like the back to be tight around my ankle.

My new Zante's in all their glory!

My new Zante’s in all their glory!

Along with the shoes I also picked up some sweet New Balance clothes!

Windcheater Jacket


Technical deets:

  • Material: 100% Polyester moisture wicking fabric
  • Athletic fit
  • Lightweight performance woven
  • Reflective logo
  • Reflective tape at back
  • Two zipper enclosed pockets
  • V-fold binding at hem and cuff
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant

Accelerate 5 Inch Short


Technical deets:

  • Material: 100% Polyester moisture wicking fabric
  • 5 inch inseam
  • Athletic fit
  • Contrast color mesh insets
  • Internal key pocket
  • Reflective logo
  • Sleek woven

My thoughts:

The shoes are amazing!  The have performed exactly the way that I need my shoes to perform!  They are not heavy and feel so light on my feet! The cushioning on the sole is exactly right.  The upper is the perfect fit for my foot shape and requires little tension on the laces to keep my foot snug.  The toe box is roomy and airy and with the all the vents on the shoe they breath really well!  I never have any soreness on my feet from my short runs to my long runs.  I have a really good feeling that New Balance is going to be my go-to shoe from now on!

The jacket and the shorts are both made with the same NB DRY material. They but work perfectly at wicking the moisture away from my body.  I wore the jacket for a run along the lake on a windy but still very warm day.  I found it worked very well as a wind breaker and at the same time did not find I was sweating or overheating any more than usual in the heat.  The length of the shorts is perfect for me since I don’t like long shorts riding up and down my leg with each stride.  They come with and inside liner which does exactly what I need it to do.  The NB DRY material means all of the sweat I generate is quickly evaporated away from my body!  I actually find myself reaching for these shorts over all my others now!

I am so happy with all the New Balance gear I was so lucky to have been given!  I would recommend all these products to my friends when asked.

I want to send out a thank you first to RBC Run For The Kids for giving the opportunity to be an Ambassador again, New Balance Canada for sponsoring the run and providing the gift cards to the Ambassadors and to Fit4Balance for all their expertise and help with selecting and purchasing this amazing gear!

See you out there!


#KeepSmilin 🙂

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