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Life…it really begins after you think

Great thoughts here!

Walking the Social Media Beat


I know this post is NOTHING like what I usually write about here, but something happen last night that made me want to find some way to talk about it.  SO, since I have this forum, I will use it…if you think that it will help someone out there in some way, please feel free to share it.

Kids…I know that there is a demand for you to fit in, be popular, be accepted and be liked. But lets face it, some of us are just square pegs that don’t fit into the round holes very well. It’s not that we do anything wrong, it just sometimes feels like we don’t do anything right. You will NEVER be liked by everyone and you will NEVER be great at everything. Growing up seems like the longest journey you will ever have. But, trust me…it flies by and one day you will…

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