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I’m running the @RunCRS Toronto Yonge Street 10K #TYS10K #RunWithMe


A few months ago I was having a conversation with Laurie McCann about wanting to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and apply to be one of their ambassadors.  She had said that it was a little early for that race and had suggested the Toronto Yonge Street 10k.  I looked into this race and was right away intrigued by the course!


They have described this as “Canada’s EASIEST and one of the fastest downhill 10k’s, the course runs right down the middle of Canada’s most famous street—Yonge Street!”


ok so I got a little silly with the pen tool but check out the down hill drop!

I mapped out this run on my Garmin Connect (feel free to add me if you’re also a Garmin runner).   The elevation starts at 544′ and drops to 258′ by the end that’s a drop of 286′.  What a perfect race for those of you just starting out on 10k’s or those of you looking for a 10k pb!  You just can’t go wrong here folks!

There is tons of great training help on their website including a training calendar to help guide your miles each week as well as 2 training runs you can sign up for.  One of the training runs is a beer run at Amsterdam BrewHouse!!!  IN the words of Homer Simpson ” mmmm beeeer” lol.  As well, for some extra motivation, tips, advice and virtual high fives check out the Digital Champions a group of 10 enthusiastic and dedicated runners, including myself, sharing our training stories, supporting you the runners and promoting Toronto’s Premier Spring Road Race!  For the social media types the official hashtag is #TYS10k so remember to use it in your posts and when searching for other people posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If your interested in running with me and the 7000 other eager runners click this link and I’ll see you there!


#KeepSmiln 🙂


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  1. […] I have already established a relationship with Canada Running Series as a Digital Champion for the 2015 Toronto Yonge Street 10k. This means I already have a good idea of the high caliber […]


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#ItsNeverOK #JustShowUp #ChildAbuse #ChildRape #SexualAssult 📸 @edison2176 Haven't been out in a while so I thought I'd push myself a little. Was hoping for a new record on my #garmin but it didn't happen. Oh well :) I was still pretty out of breath when I got home so that's a sign of a good hard run :) Kinda wish my @enertorglobal insoles had arrived by now so I could try them out and tell you about them. Next time!  I don't think I drank enough today as I was really thirsty when I got home @nuunhydration solved that problem for me :) I really gotta get more consistent in my running before @ottawamarathon this May. Legs feel surprisingly after this run so I really also gotta start upping my mileage. 
#teamnuun When you run with the ones you love it brings you closer. 
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📸 credit @edison2176 16 degrees on Tuesday now -6 and this white stuff today. What the heck!  Drive safe everyone there's a layer of ice under that snow. 
#bipolarcanadianweather @runjprun is the most resilient, strong and inspirational person I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling a friend. Most of you know this already but for those that don't, Jean-Paul is a survivor of child sexual abuse. Jean-Paul is one of the lucky ones who was able to turn his life around all thanks to the amazing people at @thegatehousetoronto .  For my half marathon at @ottawamarathon I have chosen to raise money for his charity which supports The Gatehouse. I'd love it if you could help me and make a donation the link is in my profile. #ItsNeverOk #JustShowUp #JPsTeam
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